My boyfriend goes to CrossFit and he did the challenge last year. As a non member I tried to follow it along with him but it was not the same without the weekly meetings and the fitness testing, so I thought I would give it a proper go this year! I am doing tough mudder in May and in January if felt that I was not strong enough or fit enough to be ready in time. This is part of the reason I wanted to do the challenge. My aim was to reduce my body fat and to increase my strength.

I liked the idea of going to weekly meetings to discuss any issues I might be having. I also liked the idea of having a weekly weigh in, as it would serve as a motivation to stick to the commandments. I looked at the clean eating challenge website and it seemed like others had previously had some good results which increased my confidence that the challenge would be the best way to reach my goals.

The challenge taught me about eating and training right for my body type. I also learnt about macronutrients, which has helped me with my portion control and the correct ratio of the food groups that my body needs. It was helpful to have a knowledgeable person to ask questions when needed.

The clean eating challenge allowed me to learn more about diet and nutrition. This has given me the knowledge I need to be able to eat in a way that will support me in my training and help me reach my fitness goals. It has allowed me to reduce my body fat to lower than I thought I could which has overall given me a much leaner appearance. I also exceeded my goals in terms of pull ups, push ups and dead lifts.

Having the support of the challenge has helped me to reach goals that I may not have done otherwise.