I am Katie Baggott, a nutrition coach on the Clean Eating Challenge. The Clean Eating Challenge educates and guides people on an eight-week nutritional journey. The Clean Eating Challenge, now in its fourth year, has helped people to transform themselves through a balanced and sustainable eating plan. It’s a no nonsense, simple approach, which has life changing results.

I started coaching on the Clean Eating Challenge in 2016, having been in the fitness industry for over eight years. I am hugely passionate about nutrition, and am continually experimenting in the kitchen! I love sharing my knowledge and believe the Clean Eating Challenge provides a unique outlet for me to do this.

My understanding of nutrition was basic. I’d read Vogue, listened to diet advice from Kate Moss, I mean surely I had this down. Skip breakfast, diet coke at 11.00am, apple for lunch, an hour’s cardio after work, and some chicken and vegetables for tea. A full social life meant bubbles most weekends, and perhaps a few midweek to, cheeky! What did I possibly have wrong?! I’ve never been small, always a sporty physique, but it wasn’t fashionable to have thighs or a bum, and god forbid shoulders broader than a railway sleeper. My physique means I lose weight quickly, but gain it ever quicker. I had to stay slim and ensure my muscular appearance was kept to a minimum. Weighing in at 67kg was a daily, weekly and monthly battle. I understand now the social pressures of society, the misleading guidance and advise being published, but most importantly what’s right for me. What’s healthy for me and my body, and that’s what I love most about the challenge.

I feel honoured and privileged that I can assist people in achieving their goals and introduce them to the power of nutrition. The eight-week challenge is an incredibly rewarding experience, people invest their trust, and I help them discover their capabilities.

I look forward to the beginning and end of every Clean Eating Challenge, being part of people’s journeys is immensely gratifying.

-PN Level 1
-CrossFit Level 1 & 2