The Future Fitness Plan is an 8 week program named after step 8 of the Clean Eating Challenge. It has been put together for those that have previously completed the 8 week CEC. The 8 week FFP is the next step towards your goals and works on refining your nutrition following the strategies and guidelines learnt over the 8 week CEC. You’ll work one on one with our trained coaches to make sure you reach the next level in your fat loss and performance goal.

The 8 WEEK FFP includes:

• A comprehensive lifestyle assessment

• Bi-weekly check ins online or in person

• Lifestyle assessments

• Nutrition Assessments

• Behaviour goal analysis

• Any questions you may have, answered by your personal CE coach

The Future Fitness Plan begins by filling out a comprehensive lifestyle assessment questionnaire this will allow us to better understand your day to day life, training and nutrition. You will also complete a body composition assessment by taking weight/body fat/measurements and photos. All of this will give us a good idea of where to start on your FFP journey.

Every two weeks we will check in by completing the bi-weekly comprehensive lifestyle assessment questionnaire so we can see how your week/s have been.
We will assess your behaviour goal, food and training diary also answer any questions you may have. Using this information we will make changes where needed and set a behaviour goal for the coming weeks.

The Future Fitness Plan is for those that really want to make a change to their body, lifestyle and are committed to do so.

Check out some of our previous Clean Eaters that have carried on their nutrition through one-to-one coaching:


‘I started the 8 week FFP after finishing the clean eating challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed and made some great improvements on my nutritional outlook but knew I'd taken it as far as I could and wanted something a little more structured. For me the FFP has been that, in such a short amount of time I can't believe the improvements I’ve made physically with Katie's help and ongoing support. The pictures really don't do it justice to how much my physique has changed (I've practically got abs) so the journey continues, this really has given me a fresh outlook on how I approach my nutrition and my training I really couldn't be happier’.

The Future Fitness package and everything that is included is priced at £175 thats just £35 per session for the 8 weeks. It is available to all our clean eaters that have completed the 8-week challenge previously.

Numbers are limited so we can provide as much support and accountability as possible, if you are interested or would like more details fill in the enquiry form below:


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