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The Clean Eating Challenge (CEC) is an 8 week programme that will transform your body; improve your performance and help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We aim to have a balanced diet of unprocessed carbohydrates, lean protein and  healthy fats, while avoiding processed food as much as possible. We stick to the 80/20 rule. This means 80% of the time we eat clean nutritious food and the other 20% we allow ourself to relax slightly with our food. This allows us to develop a way of eating that is realistic and maintainable.

The online challenge will include weekly emails, weekly check-ins with one of our CEC coaches; online nutritional education including; online PDF; videos, recipes and guidance to help you through the 8 weeks. You will also be a part of our online Facebook group. Being apart of this community of like-minded people all on a similar journey can really help boost your achievements & results.

Every Friday your CEC coach will email you requesting your goal and weight for that week. You will have the weekend to reply and your coach will then reply back to your email on the following Monday.

The group challenge includes everything that the online challenge does, however instead of online check ins and self testing, you will have weekly group meetings and complete your group testing with one of our CEC coaches at Crossfit Nottingham.

The group testing will be on a Saturday morning and weekly meetings will be on a Thursday evening 8-9pm.


The challenge is intended for CrossFitters wanting to be leaner, healthier and improve their performance through nutrition. We have also had many non-CrossFitters complete the challenge with awesome results.

We strive to give you guidelines and advise you on the right foods to eat at the right times. This will help you make the most of clean eating with what works for you. If you have an allergy or intolerance to any of the foods advised you just avoid them.

Because the challenge offers healthy guidelines for you to adjust to your own lifestyle, any foods that are advised to avoid during pregnancy or breast feeding can easily be avoided. We still recommend that you consult your GP before you make any changes to your current nutrition.

Yes, there are many vegan/veggie friendly protein sources and eating a cleaner diet will help you to see changes in your body, performance and health.

This all depends on your goal and the results you want to achieve over the 8 weeks. We all like to relax while away and have 1 *or 2* ice creams on the sun bed, this can obviously affect results. We give you the guidance to help you improve your nutrition for your lifestyle and what works for you so this can be followed while away. We even include a section on “eating in the real world” as this can help you make cleaner/healthier choices when out and about. You’ll still receive all material to read on your return so you wont be missing out. In our opinion there is no sooner time to improve your diet and lifestyle holiday or not.

It is advised that you exercise for a minimum of 4 sessions per week, however eating clean will still make a difference to your body & health.

Although it is recommended that you do exercise 4 times a week, you will still see fantastic changes and improvements in your health and body just by eating cleaner.